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Culture or goosebumps.
We can even give you culture AND goosebumps!

We can make goosebumps rise up your arm, joy bubble in your stomach, and warmth spreading in your heart. If you know the art of enjoying low-key experiences.

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Hear how Haakon The Good fought with Erik Bloodax’s sons

Walk the cultural trail  in Fitjar sentrum, either alone or with a guide. Ask for details at the Tourist Information!

Visit a Fishfarm

At Engesund Oppdrettsanlegg og Visningssenter you get to see, taste and feed the trout, while learning more about the aquaculture. Ask for details at the Tourist Information!


Kråko Gjestetun have canoes you can check out for free! You can borrow a life jacket, and can paddle for a trip in the lovely Hellandsfjorden.

Hiking on the mountain

The mountain is waiting for you. At Fitjar there is hiking trails of varying degrees of difficulty, whether you are a cyclist, a wheelchair user or a hiker.

Buy local beer

Mikrobryggeriet ELØ has won many awards for its beer. The beer hall is open every day in Kråko, or you can buy beer at Spar Fitjar or Fitjar Vinmonopol.

Pet a goat

The little goat Tharald is ready to be cuddle by you Oppe i DalenHe is soft and kind and loves to meet new people!

Find the secret swimming spots 

Fitjar has an incredible number of swimming spots, and if you visit our tourist information we would be happy to share our "secret" map. 

Kayak padling

Take your kayak with you and discover Fitjar's 365 islands. The book "Padling i Fitjarøyane" is great as a tour guide. You can buy the book at  Fitjar tourist information!

Ice bathing

At the winter you can enjoy a nice and cold swim in Fitjar, if you dare!

Visit Fitjar's church

The fine white-painted wooden church  has many stories in the walls, and a very special old church bell.

Go orienteering 

Stolpejakt is popular, and many people come to Fitjar to hunt poles! The orienteering season is from April to October. Download the app, or get a map of the poles at the tourist information. 

Take a shower in Tveitafossen

The most beautiful little waterfall can be found after a short walk along the idyllic path through the forest, where a fresh cooling in the waterfall awaits you when you arrive.

Ride a pony

Oppe i Dalen have many nice ponies that you can ride.

The mood of Fitjar

Fitjarbuen prefers not to do much of himself. We prefer to be low-key and are not particularly busy bragging. But if you take the time for a chat, you will find warmth and care, and if you are cold on a fishing trip, the old thermos will come out, with hot, strong coffee. And if you have time, you will hear the story about Nils-Olai and the horse.

Fitjarbuen is quiet and quiet on a daily basis, but bursts into laughter when the chance presents itself. Especial at Fitjar`s own revue festival, which are arrange every second year.

There is a little bit of evertything


Activities for all

Aktivitet for alle

Want to do something with others? Football, karate, theatre, breakdance, motorcross, or maybe something completely different? Here is an overview of leisure time activities at Bømlo, Fitjar and Stord that you can join!

Click on the "Activities for all", there you find an overview of different leisure time activities and other events.

You can experience various things in Fitjar!
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