The Potato village Fitjar

Here in Fitjar we are proud of out potatos.

We eat potatoes with joy, and the neighboring villages it is a well-known fact that if you are going to serve dinner to  anyone in Fitjar,  you would have to count twice as much poatoes than other guests. 

"Nett so poteto" or "Just like the potato" 

It is something we like to say about a particularly capable and versatile person, and means that someone is useful for everything and can do all sorts of tasks.

Potatoes from Fitjar

Then we are talking about particularly good potatoes. Potatoes that were so good that the farmers rowed to Bergen with them and sold them from the boat at Brygga in Bergen, where word would spread about the good potatoes. The rich, fertile soil in Fitjar has been grazed from all the way back to the Stone Age gathering culture to the farming communities with the cultivation of grass and plants.

Geopark Sunnhordland

Fitjar is part of the Unesco certified Geopark Sunnhordland, so it is important for us to show how important geology is for soil and water quality. The ELØ microbrewery claims that the particularly good water quality from Svartavatnet at the top of Midtfjellet has a lot to say for their good beer that are brewed here.