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Here you can sleep well in Fitjar

You don't have to sleep in the poteto field. We can find you a bed in Fitjar, either you come in your own camper, want a hotel room or are looking for a cabin to rent!

Fitjar Fjordhotel

You can get a room with sea view and a wonderful meal at the restaurant at Fitjar Fjordhotell.

Kråko Gjestetun

You can put up a tent, park your camper or rent an apartment at our camp site, Kråko Gjestetun.

Rent a cabin

Do you want to rent a cabin for a week or two during the holidays? In Kråko Sjøhytteområde there are cabins to rent.

The King's Town of Fitjar

Did you know that when you sleep in a bed in Fitjar, you almost sleep at Håkon the Good's royal farm?

The viking king Håkon the Good had his royal farm at Fitjar. The town has been royal residence since immemorial times. Long before Håkon the Good the town of Fitjar was residence of important people. In the Rimsvarden beacon, which you can visit at the western hilltop of the church, it was found a bronze sword. That tells us that a great and important chief was buried here.

In the middle of the town centre, between the town hall and the church, you can see the Håkon the Good monument made by the sculptor Anne Grimdalen. The statue was unveiled in 1961.

The royal farm of Håkon the Good was situated on the fields east of the church. You can take a walk to the old well, Håkonarbrønnen, that was placed close to the farm. His servants probably filled loads of buckets there to quench the thirst of man and animal.

You can experience various things in Fitjar!
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