"When we moved to Fitjar we actually had space for a garden!"

 live well in fitjar 

What's so good about living in Fitjar?

This is how newcomers describe it:

Much space

"When we moved to Fitjar we actually had space for a garden!"

Close to the city

"Either we want to go to Leirvik, Bergen or Haugesund, getting there is easy and takes little time."

No rush traffic

"Rushtraffic doesn't exist here. Rushtrafikk in Fitjar is when we see more than three cars after eachother."

The western lights

"The lights fromt the west are completely special, and Fitjar has the most beautiful sunset in the world."

Easier day-to-day

"Everyday logistics is easier in Fitjar."


"The mountain is just as available as the sea."

We are seen

"In Fitjar we are seen and met."

Good service

"The local stores has such good service, it is fun to shop there!"

Safe childhood

"We like we can give our kids a good and safe childhood here."

House and home

"We got a lot for our money when we bought a house in Fitjar."

Useful links

fitjar kommune

On Fitjar kommune's website you find a lot of useful information, about for example schools.

building sites

Rossneset Trivselpark is a good place to start if you want to look at potential buildings.

houes for sale

Not ready to build a new house?

Here is a link to the buy and sell-website FINN's houses in Fitjar.

Activities for all

Aktivitet for alle

Want to do something with others? Football, karate, theatre, breakdance, motorcross, or maybe something completely different? Here is an overview of leisure time activities at Bømlo, Fitjar and Stord that you can join!

Click on the "Activities for all", there you find an overview of different leisure time activities and other events.

Do you want to talk to someone who moved to Fitjar?

Write a message here, and then we put you in contact with someone who moved to Fitjar!

The enjoyable town of Fitjar

Fitjar is the town it is good to move back to when you have kids and want them to have a safe childhood.