Cultural trail

Walk the cultural trail in the town centre and hear about how Håkon the Good fought the Eirik sons. 

An easy trail with many cultural experiences fit both big and small. It is made a little treasure hunt. 

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Things to do

So much fun to do in Fitjar, and we help you find fun experiences!

Spending the night

Did you know that when you sleep in a bed in Fitjar, you almost sleep at Håkon the Good's royal farm?

Various places to spend the night in Fitjar, and we help you find the right bed for you!

Eat and drink well

Newly made food, a wonderful cup of coffee and a good chat is important. Especially when food is served with a smile in quiet surroundings, with the sound of ebbing waves and view of swans showing off their babies.

Move to Fitjar

Fitjar is a small and pleasant town. Many choose to move here to give their kids a safe childhood.

The Potato village Fitjar

You probably know that there is a lot of different potato types. However, the variety we like best here in Fitjar are large, white potatoes that are tender and flavorful. This variety has a great name, but here in Fitjar we call them White English Potatoes, or preferably we say Fitjar potatoes.

Did you know that the different potato varieties have very different flowers, and some of them are so beautiful that they can be planted in a pot, as an ornamental plant? 

The green village Fitjar

The word Fitjar means "the green meadow by the sea". And most part of the year, the village is green. The soil is fertile, which people have known since the Stone Age. 

In more recent time, we are particularly proud that Sunnhordland has been label "Sustainable Travel Destination". So we are green in more ways than one!

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