Guest harbors

Sjøsio guest harbor

There is a guest harbor in Fitjar Centre, with power and access to the service building. Payment via GoMarina app.      NOK 250,-  The 24 hour open service building includes a shower and toilet. If you only want access,payment via GoMarina app      NOK 50,-  If are in need of a washing machine or a tumble dryer. You can get key Larsen Multihandel. For per wash or dry.           NOK 25,-

The harbour also have Gasoline 95 Lead-free E10 and Tax-free Diesel. Payment viaa card machine (no credit card or mob/clock). For waste, there is a container below Fitjartun (approx. 100 mtr).  There is also a short-term parking for customers and employees in the car park facing the sea. (no long term or mobile home).

Sjøsio guest harbor is located by a Handelsenteret with SPAR grocery stores, Larsen Multihandel, MX Sport Larsen, Vinmonopolet and Hårloftet Frisør. Here you will find everything you need!

Port Steingard guest harbor 

In the heart of the Kråko Sjøhytte area, right next to PS Bryggekafé, you will find a cozy and sheltered guest harbour. There`s access to electricity and water, and you can easily arrange payment in the GoMarina app. In the summer you can order freshly baked bread rolls for your boat breakfast!

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