Eat and drink well in Fitjar

MOre than potatoes

Here you can eat something tasty in Fitjar

Easy and tasty food in quiet surroundings with the sound of ebbing waves and the view of floating swans.

Fitjar Fjordhotel

A la carte or Norwegian buffet, eat in the restaurant or catering, you always get something good to eat at  Fitjar Fjordhotell.

Kråko Gjestetun

Tasty hommade food at the camp site innermost in the Hellandsfjord. Open for drop in, closed events and catering. Kråko Gjestetun can deal with most.

PS Bryggekafe

Slow food with a quiet mood, at te edge of the dock in Kråko Seacabin area. PS Bryggekafé's closest neighbour is the ELØ mikrobrewery.

Fitjar Mix kiosk

The "Mix'en" kiosk in the town centre is locally called "Videoen", though no one rents movies there anymore. With pizza, hamburgers, and the popular soft served ice cream, people drive far to eat here.

Engesund Visningssenter

Sit out on the ocean, and taste delicious homemade dishes of salmon from the fish farm. if you don't like fish, you haven't tasted how Engesund prepares it. They also serve desserts and coffees.  

Fitjar Thai Take Away

Real Thai food served from the Fitjar Thai Take Away carriage in the town centre. It is easy to find ith its tuk-tuk wagon parked outside.

Fitjar the Potato Town

The fertile and rich soil in the town was well-known from the early farming days in the late stone age. and since Fitjar is a part of Geopark Sunnhordland, it is important to us to bring to light how significant the geology is for the soil and water quality. Mikrobryggeriet ELØ claims that the unusually good water quality from Svartavatnet up in the mountains is essential for their good beer.

Potatoes has long been especially important for the farmers of Fitjar. Every year they sailed to "by'dn", the city (Bergen), with their boats loaded with potatoes for the upper class ladies. They primarily sold from the boats, but they also knocked on doors in the alleys, offering the potetoes. Once a guy was asked if the potatoes was suited for mash. He answered "Yes". The lady answered that she didn't want them then. Next time another lady asked. He then answered "No". Now that lady didn't want them either. The third time he was asked he answered "It depends on what you prefer".

The Fitjar resident, Fitjarbuen, is quite fond of potatoes. Locally it is said that if there were guests from Ftijar coming, the host used twice as many potatoes.

You can experience various tings in Fitjar!
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